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10 Times Harry Styles Was The Cutest Human Ever

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Sweet Creature.

When He Sang Baby Shark To This Toddler

Tbh this man needs to be a Dad someday.

The 1D Koala Photoshoot

I don't know whose idea the koala was, but they need a raise.

When He Made A Sandwich With His Mom

Teamwork is the dream work.

The Gentle Headrest on Lizzo's Shoulder

It doesn't get more precious than that.

Making A Heart With Louis Tomlinson

Comment a heart emoji below if you still believe in Larry Stylinson.

When He Played Dress-Up With His Mom's Bra

Let's take a moment to admire those tats too.

When He Danced Like This

We want to see this the next time he goes on tour.

When He Played The Marketing Guy in The "Best Song Ever" Music Video

Cute as a button.

When He Played Chubby Bunny With Niall

This game is actually torture.

Anytime he juggles

How can one person be so good at so many things?


What are your favorite Harry Styles moments? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to drop a heart if you believe Larry Stylinson was real.

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