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5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Would Have Been Perfect Together

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Joe's an angel, but we still ship Haylor.

Similar Upbringings

Although Harry and Taylor were raised on different continents, they both grew up in somewhat similar towns. Both Holmes Chapel (Harry's hometown) and Wyomissing (Taylor's hometown) are small urban centers with many historic buildings and small family-owned businesses. Even the schools they attended were super similar. Harry went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School which serves about 1,200 students and Taylor went to Wyomissing Junior-Senior High School which serves about 950 students. Kids ages 11-18 attend Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School while kids ages 12-18 attend Wyomissing Junior-Senior High School.

Harry and Taylor both come from small-sized families. Taylor has a brother, Austin, aged 28 years and Harry has a sister, Jemma, aged 28 years.

Taylor and Harry both left traditional schooling early to pursue their music careers. At 16, Taylor released her debut album. Harry was also 16 when he auditioned for the X-factor and recorded What Makes You Beautiful with One Direction.

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Ideal Height Difference

Both Harry and Taylor are TALL. Harry is a solid 6'0" while Taylor stands a respectable 5'10". Although height doesn't really matter, a two or three-inch difference between the guy and girl is what many couples prefer.

Similar Passions

Harry and Taylor are two of the most talented mainstream musicians of the decade. They are also two of the most passionate. It's clear that they both really love writing and performing. When you're in a relationship it's not only nice to have someone who shares your interests, but also someone who understands what it's like to dedicate your entire life to something.

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Image: https://www.youtube.com/user/taylorswift, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFWPqqPkFlNwIxcpsLOwew

Family Values

Although both Harry and Taylor seem quite happy without children right now, they have both expressed interest in having kids in the future. In a 2012 edition of Marie Clare magazine, Taylor revealed that she would like a "minimum of four" kids in the future. Harry has also expressed enthusiasm for having children down the line. He's even thrown out the name 'Darcy' as a possibility for a potential future daughter.

Harry and Taylor are also both super close to their mothers. TBH we think Anne and Andrea could be besties.

taylor swift harry styles

Image: https://www.instagram.com/ello.luvvvv/, https://www.instagram.com/livvytheswiftie/

Just Imagine The Music

Taylor and Harry's break-up eight years ago brought the world so many amazing songs. It's assumed that Taylor's songs I Knew You Were Trouble, Out of the Woods, and Style were written about Harry. While many fans think Harry wrote Two Ghosts and Ever Since New York about Taylor. There are many other tracks on 1989, Harry Styles, Fine Line, and folklore that were probably also inspired by the brief relationship as well. If we can get that much great music from a short teenage romance just imagine the kinds of love songs that would come out of a mature 2020 Haylor romance!


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