• Shania Grant

6 Things That British And American Teens Won’t Ever Understand About Each Other

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This guest post was written by Shania Grant of Always Moody Blogs.

Although there are many similarities between the American and British lifestyle, we just can’t deny the obvious differences that linger between the two.

Believe me when I say that for a foreign teen going to Britain, a huge culture shock awaits especially in regards to the school system, the weather, and time.

So, with that being said, here are 6 differences that British and American teens just won’t ever understand about each other. Let’s dive in.

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Here Are 3 American Things That A British Teenager Will Always Find Bizarre:

The Way The Date Is Written.

Realising that the way in which the date is written in America might take some time for a British teen to figure out and sadly, I know this from personal experience.

I mean, how on earth was I supposed to know that the month came before the day?

In Britain the date is always written as (dd/mm/yyyy) and not (mm/dd/yyyy). My fingers are just not used to this kind of date format and to be honest, even looking at it is quite weird to me.

Cheat Sheets

Oh, how I wish.

I honestly can’t even think of a life in secondary school where instead of memorising about 20 different quotes for 15 poems, 3 literature books and science formulas, I could just note them down on a sheet of paper and that was that.

I can truly say that for a British teen, just one cheat sheet could have been enough to save the mental health and grades of many students but until then, cramming will just have to do (sigh).

I’m kidding. Cramming is definitely not the path you want to take.

Air Conditioning

Is that even a thing?

Well, of course, it is but truth to be told, most British teens are most likely only acquainted with a heater/radiator than they are with air conditioning.

Living in a cold, wet place like Britain, I can assure you that there will be no competition or contemplation when choosing a heater rather than air conditioning...well at least for me.

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4 British Things That An American Teenager Might Find Weird:

You Have To Wear Uniforms?

Indeed we do.

The same ties, the same blazer, the same colour shoes, and many more things that does nothing for our individuality but I shall digress.

For an American teen, wearing the same item of clothing every day and looking like a replica of everyone else, might seem weird and annoying.

But you might find it even more strange to know that a lot of British teens find their uniforms quite fashionable and stylish which is also weird to me as well.

For many British teens, it’s so much more than just a uniform. It’s something that holds so much of their childhood memories, laughter, and happiness.

Well, at least until they need more space in their closets in which no hesitation will be evident as they throw their uniforms in the trash for a new Chanel bag.

Just Six Weeks of Summer?

Yup! Six weeks is all we get.

But there’s truly no need for the sad violins because the school breaks and holidays that we get throughout the entire year really makes up for it, ignoring the fact that we mostly have to use that time to revise rather than relax and enjoy our break from school.

Just Toast for Breakfast?

I couldn’t believe it either.

The pain I felt after being told that my school was going to start doing breakfast in the morning just to be given a single piece of buttered toast was heartbreaking.

But after a while, you start to get used to it and suddenly three pieces of toast feels as if your belly is about to burst.

Not really but hopefully, you see my point which is, over time you naturally get satisfied with the thought of toast being breakfast unless you’re stubborn like me, which means that toast will never ever ever be considered as breakfast to you, and don’t get me started on beans on toast.

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