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Best Movies to Watch On YouTube Free With Ads

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

YouTube is always pushing its viewers to buy or rent full-length movies, but who wants to do that? For poor college students like myself still stealing their parents' Netflix password or people just looking for a free Friday night flick, here are the best full-length movies you can watch for free on YouTube with minimal ads.

Oh and by the way these aren't bootlegs they're completely legal and authorized movies YouTube has acquired and allows their audience to enjoy if they're willing to sit through on average four, 30-second commercials!

Miss Stevens

Miss Stevens is the epitome of an underrated movie. Sure, it's quirky. I mean, it's essentially about Billy, a high schooler with a behavioral disorder (Timothee Chalamet) falling for his young English teacher, Miss Stevens (Lily Rabe). I know that you're probably thinking that's a pretty strange basis for a plot, but the way the film is directed and the delicate way the screenplay handles the relationship between Billy and Miss Stevens is truly beautiful. Additionally, the chemistry between the cast members is fantastic. Lili Reinhart and Anthony Quintal are completely convincing as high school students and remind me vividly of people I knew as a teenager. And there is no reason why Chalamet and Babe should not have won an Oscar for their performance in this movie. They are truly fantastic. Just check out the scene below if you're on the fence.

The King's Speech

It's shocking this movie is available for free. The King's Speech is based on the life of England's Prince Albert (Colin Firth) and his wife, Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter). Prince Albert suffers from a speech impediment but with the help of a unique therapist, his wife hires he is able to overcome it in order to communicate effectively as the country's leader. The King's Speech was nominated and/or awarded over forty prestigious awards including four Oscars, a few Critics' Choice Awards, and multiple BAFTA's. If you're looking for an inspirational true story that isn't cheesy, check out this film.

Man in the Moon

Starring Reese Witherspoon in her film debut as Dani, The Man in the Moon, is a coming of age film about love, loss, and family. Some might say this movie is a bit slow-moving, but if you're willing to watch it through you'll find it's rather cathartic and well-worth your time.

Before We Go

Before We Go is a decent film if you're into Christmas rom-coms. If not, it is mediocre at best. The movie just feels so predictable and unrealistic in many ways, but it does have Chris Evans so I guess that's the redeeming factor. Although it wasn't received well critically, It still makes the list though because it has a 93% approval rating by Google users.

Gimme Shelter

No, this movie isn't about the Rolling Stones song, but it's still worth watching! Vanessa Hudgens, who is probably best known for her portrayal of Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical franchise, demonstrates her wide acting range in this film based on a true story about overcoming adversity.

Straight A's

This movie plays on a common romance trope, two brothers love the same girl, but she marries the one who has his life altogether instead of the one she truly loves. Although the movie plays on a lot of common romance archetypes, it's enjoyable to watch because of the likeable cast.

Empire State

It has Liam Hemsworth, Dwayne Johnson, and Emma Roberts, so at least there's that. The movie itself is a little slow-moving in my opinion, but it's interesting because it's based off of a true crime story and there's some really good character development with Liam Hemsworth's character and others. I guess as far as early '10s action movies go, it just didn't and doesn't measure up to Thor or even some of the million Fast and Furious movies the Rock has been in. That said, it's a free movie, so check it out.