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Do You Have These 6 Narcissistic Tendencies?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Nobody likes a narcissist. Check out this list to see if you love yourself a little *too* much.

You Take A Million Selfies

If a person is spamming your feed with selfies, beware they are probably a narcissist. Sure everyone likes to post a fun shot of themselves from time to time, but if you're taking pictures of yourself multiple times every day you might be a bit self-absorbed. If you have the constant urge to look at yourself in the mirror that's the same thing.

You Don't Say Sorry Unless Need To

Narcissists always want to be right. Besides often being truly ignorant to their faults, narcissists will also despise admitting when they are wrong.

You Interrupt Others Frequently

Interrupting is one of the ways a narcissist tries to steer the conversation off of others and back onto themselves. It's annoying and it makes people seem like they don't care about what others have to say.

You Get Jealous Easily

Narcissists want to be the best at everything they do. If someone else is getting praise or recognition, they are not going to like it. They will probably become very jealous and might try to get what the other person has.

You've Been Known To Play The Victim Card

Along the same lines of never wanting to say sorry, narcissists will often play the victim card and push the blame on others. This is because their swollen ego won't allow them to admit that they are human and make mistakes.

You Like To Talk About Your Accomplishments

Narcissists love to brag. Whether it's a humble brag like. "so thankful for getting into such a good uni #blessed," or an outright brag like, "I'm way prettier than she is," a brag is a brag and you will hear them often spilling from the lips of narcissists.


How do you measure up? Are you just a little conceited or a full-blown narcissist? Let us know in the comments.

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