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Elementary School Supplies You Need To Add To Your Desk

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Revolutionize your office space with these 8 items made for kids.


Smencils have been around for over a decade. Maybe you remember how coveted these writing utensils were back in the day. If you've forgotten how awesome they are let me remind you. They are pencils that smell like heaven. That is if heaven smells like cotton candy, bubble gum, and watermelon. (We assume it does.)

We have no idea why Smencils fell out of fashion in middle school, but we definitely think they need to make a comeback. There is no reason why an adult shouldn't be able to enjoy a nice smelling pencil while taking their notes in a board meeting. Right?

Gel Highlighters

Highlighters are fun. Whenever the teacher let me highlight stuff in elementary school I went crazy. I mean, they are just so colorful and they leave such a smooth, defined line on paper.

We think you should add some gel highlighters to your next Staples shopping list because not only will highlighting something add a little joy to your day, but it might also help you remember something important.

Shuttle Pens

Shuttle pens are a genius invention. Prove me wrong. Six plus colors of ink in one pen? That's efficiency if I ever saw it. We believe you need to add at least one shuttle pen to your desk. You'll have so many colors of ink to chose to write with and when you get bored you can try to push down two different colors at one time.

Sticky Notes In Fun Shapes

Why use square-shaped sticky notes when you can use ones shaped like cupcakes or rocketships?

An Animal Stapler

Whatever your favorite animal is, you can probably find a stapler shaped like it on Amazon. Having an animal-shaped stapler will make organizing your sheets of paper way more fun because you can pretend you are feeding the animal while making a very neat packet at the same time.

White Board

If you don't find writing on dry erase boards addictive. you are a very boring person. Instead of writing your schedule down on paper, invest in a whiteboard. It's way more fun to write your tasks using colorful markers than it is by using pens and paper. Plus, dry erase boards will help you save on paper and the environment will thank you for that.

Gel Pencil Grip

You can prevent callouses on your middle finger by using pencil grips and if you ever need to make a trade with a second grader you will have something to make a great trade.

Patterned Journals

You could use plain lined paper, but that would be boring. Beautify your workspace by investing in some fun, patterned journals or notebooks with your favorite cartoon characters on the cover.


What are you waiting for? Fill up your Amazon cart with all your favorite throwback supplies and soon enough you'll start to actually enjoy sitting at your desk again. Let us know if there were any items from your childhood we missed in the comments.

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