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How To Plan A Bachelorette Party (WITHOUT The Drama)

This blog post was written by guest author Diana Gonzalez of The Princess Cut.

Planning a wedding can be hard. Being a bridesmaid can sometimes be harder. Between the friendship rifts, the money concerns, and the (sometimes) terrible dresses, things can get pretty dramatic.

And one of the most dramatic events of all?

You guessed it. The bachelorette party.

First and foremost, it’s important to establish the significance of your role as a bridesmaid. Ultimately, your job is to be a support system for the bride. So whether you’re planning the event or simply attending it, be sure to go in with a positive attitude!

With that being said, we also recognize that a positive outlook will only get you so far. After all, we can’t count on other people to react the same way in tough situations. So, here are 2 fool-proof tips for planning a bachelorette party without the drama.

Google Forms Is A Magical Tool

Believe it or not, Google Forms is useful for more than just filling out class surveys when you're in college. It's actually a really invaluable resource in the case of planning a bachelorette party. Or being a bridesmaid in general!

One of the biggest stressors surrounding these events is the issue of money. It’s nearly impossible to be able to plan a bachelorette party where everyone’s budget is the same. Some people may be going through a rough patch financially, while others may find themselves to be quite comfortable. This disparity is the quickest way to make lots of people feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or worried about what is supposed to be a really fun event.

Using a Google Form, the maid of honor (or designated bachelorette party planner) can anonymously survey the crew. You can ask questions such as:

  1. How much are you comfortable spending?

  2. Are you willing/able to travel?

  3. Are you able to travel internationally?

  4. Can you pitch in for the bride’s expenses?

These questions can also be customized to account for whatever is relevant to your friend group. You can even opt to show the money in ranges, such as in the example below


“ For the bachelorette party, I’m comfortable spending…”

A) $100-300

B) $300-500

C) $500-1000+)

D) Other (fill in box below)

What’s so great about these forms is that it allows everyone’s vote to be counted and included, without the awkwardness of disclosing individual financial situations. Once you get your results in, be sure not to single out any one person out for having a smaller budget than the rest of the group. Do your best to accommodate what everyone can comfortably afford. Ultimately, this is what’s going to make the bachelorette party fun and stress-free!

Less Is More

The temptation to pass on an “obligatory” invite to every woman associated with your friend group can be very real. You may find that a friend of a friend is expressing interest in attending your bachelorette party, or perhaps that your future in-laws are trying to pressure you into inviting someone that you don’t particularly want there in the first place.

Know that it’s okay to want this day to be about you! When it comes to planning your wedding, you are NOT obligated to invite people that you don’t particularly care for. Saying “yes” for fear of making things awkward with a “no” might be a little bit uncomfortable at first. Though I can assure you that you will feel much freer only having the people that you actually want there.

A short but thoughtful text explaining that arrangements have already been made for the event should suffice. Be gracious, but remember to stand firm as well.

There you have it, ladies! Two simple, but extremely effective tips for making your bachelorette party a fun and stress-free occasion for everyone involved. Be sure to check out The Princess Cut for more information and inspiration for planning your wedding.

Author Bio:

The Princess Cut is a luxury wedding blog dedicated to providing inspiration and guidance for modern couples. The blog's founder and editor, Diana, has a deep passion for weddings and a desire to share her experience as a former bridal stylist (and general wedding connoisseur!) to all who may benefit from it.

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