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Is Troye Sivan Getting Married?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The Aussie singer was spotted wearing a ring on his left hand in his new official video for Rager Teenager.

Yesterday, one of our favorite queer performers released a single off his upcoming EP, In A Dream. The new track, which has already reached over 300,000 views on YouTube in less than two days, has a bit of a melancholy melody, but still has that pop feel Troye is known for.

The lyrics of the song aren't difficult to decipher. In a few verses and a chorus, Troye expresses the struggle of being a teen and living life on the edge. There is a person in the song the 'rager teenager' who Troye expresses affection for, but it seems like this person isn't ready for a steady relationship.

Hey, my lil' rager teenager

Trying to figure it out

Living a season of screaming

And turning it out

Hey, my lil' rager teenager

I've missed you around, yeah

Missed you around

Fans weren't as concerned about the lyrics as they were about Troye's accessories. In the video, Troye is pictured wearing a ring on the middle finger of his left hand and another ring on his right ring finger.



After Troye's break-up with Jacob Bixenman in December of 2019, he has not announced that he is romantically involved with anyone else, but fans were still wondering if he could be in a secret relationship. Here's what some Redditors were saying:

We hate to break it to you, cheescake_islife, but probably nothing. The ring on his left hand was on his middle finger not his ring finger, so it's unlikely that it is an engagement ring, but I guess we can never know for sure. Plenty of stars worked on new relationships during COVID-19, but we are doubtful that Troye would have met someone new and made the jump to engagement in just a few months.

Some rumors are floating around the Troye maybe interested in fellow singer, Lauv.

Is Lauv the 'rager teenager' Troye was singing about? Do you think Troye has been seeing someone new in the past few months? And what's with those rings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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*Images: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWcrr8Q9INGNp-PTCLTzc8Q