• Emma Eggleston

Taylor Swift Songs That Always Make Me Cry

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

While Taylor Swift is most well-known for break-up ballads, revenge anthems, and upbeat dance songs, she has also written many sentimental songs with very moving lyrics and melodies. Here are ten beautiful T.S. songs that never fail to make me emotional.

Soon You'll Get Better

Soon You'll Get Better is a track off of Taylor's seventh album, Lover, which combines a lot of different styles of music including bubble pop, dance songs, and pop-country. This song is probably the most relaxed on the album and has a smooth acoustic sound. Taylor collaborated with The Chicks on this song which is a tribute to her mother, Andrea Swift's, battle with cancer. During the song, Taylor details how devasted she felt when she heard her mother's diagnosis, describes her love for her mother and how she coped with the treatment process.


exile is the one duet on folklore. It's such a heavy sounding song because of the slow tempo and Bon Iver's low, raw-sounding voice. The lyrics are tragic with one of the most hard-hitting line being, "You were my town. Now I'm in exile seeing you out." To summarize the song, a pair is in love but they just can't make it work and now they are left with the feelings of sadness and isolation that have followed.

The Best Day

The Best Day is a track off of Taylor's second album, Fearless, about her childhood in Berks, County, Pennsylvania. In the music video, we see clips of home videos from when Taylor was a little girl and the love between she and her family is obvious. It's true that when we think back on our childhood it seems like the simplest days hanging out at the house really were the best days.

Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up is a sweet acoustic number from Speak Now. The song is about the bittersweet reality of growing up. In less than five minutes Taylor beautifully describes what it's like to young, innocent, to be loved, to want to grow up quickly, to move away from your childhood home, to move out of your parents house, and finally to wish you had never grown up.


Ronan is a single that was never apart of any of Taylor's albums. Taylor was inspired by the blog entries of Maya Thompson who wrote about her son, Ronan's battle with cancer and his eventual death a few days before his fourth birthday. Taylor credited Thomspon as a co-writer of the song and all of the proceeds of the song go to cancer charities.

New Year's Day

New Year's Day is the last track off of Reputation which is easily Taylor's edgiest album. Unlike almost every other song on the album, New Year's Day, is a soft pop piano ballad, about wanting to love someone through everything. It's about sticking by someone's side even when the party ends. The consensus is that this song is about Taylor's now longtime partner, Joe Alwyn.

Come Back... Be Here

Come Back... Be Here deserves way more attention than it gets. The Red album is remembered for All Too Well, 22, I Knew You Were Trouble, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I think there were just so many awesome songs from this album that sometimes this one kind of gets pushed to the sidelines. When the song first came out, people thought is was probably about Harry Styles which makes a lot of sense, but it sounds totally different from I Knew You Were Trouble, Style, Out of the Woods, Wonderland, and All You Had To Do Was Stay, which are just some of the pop songs about the Harry and Taylor saga. In this song, Taylor sings about missing someone who's in London and it's really sad and beautiful at the same time.


Invisible is from Taylor Swift's debut album which she released when she was only sixteen years old. When you listen to this song it's pretty incredible to think that she was able to write something that deep when she was so young. The song is about feeling like the person you love doesn't see you which is obviously pretty painful.

my tears ricochet

My Tears Ricochet was one of the most talked about songs from Taylor's eighth album, folklore. Most people seem to think the song is either about the aftermath of Taylor's relationship with Calvin Harris or about the aftermath of Taylor's breaking apart from Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records. The later is the more believable theory. Like most of folklore, it has a melancholy sound and tells a sad narrative leaving the listener with a sense of catharsis.

the lakes

the lakes is the last song, techinally, that Taylor has released. It is a bonus track from folklore and is about escaping to 'the lakes' with a lover because everything about the rest of the world is miserable. Taylor sings about feeling a lack of belonging, wanting to cry, and wanting to go where the poets went to die, but there's an interesting juxtaposition between that theme and the love she has for her 'muse' who is presumably Joe Alwyn.

It's one of the most interesting songs Taylor has written and the lyrics read well from a poetic standpoint. Dripping with words like wisteria, elegies, eulogize, cynical, Windermere, calamitous, and insurmountable, I believe this is song that should be taught in every high school American literature class during the usually dreaded poetry unit.