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The Best Compliments You Can Give A Girl

Okay, so talking to girls is hard. As a girl, I've noticed guys struggle with this sometimes. Either they don't know what to say, they're too nervous to speak properly, or they're trying to put on some strange facade to impress us. Here's the thing- everybody likes a straight-shooter. If you can say what you are thinking and how you are feeling, that's the best thing to do. You really shouldn't have to google nice things to say to a girl. If you really like her, you won't have to 'think' of nice things to say to her because they'll be a million nice things about her swarming in your brain.

That said, there are some things girls really like to hear that they don't get told often enough because I'm not sure guys know to say them naturally. If you're a guy that likes a girl, here are ten compliments you can give her that she will love. Just make sure you mean them of course, otherwise they are just words.

You Have A Great Smile

When a girl smiles, that means she's happy, By telling her that you like her smile, you are implicity telling her that you like it when she is happy and that you value her happiness. Obviously, girls want to be with people who are going to value their happiness which is why girls appreciate guys who tell them that they like their smile.

You're Smart

Some girls play dumb to get a guy and some guys like dumb girls. I honestly don't get this phenomenon. The kind of girl that is worth your time is a girl who you can have a thoughtful, meaningful conversation with. Therefore you should be looking for a girl who you can consider intelligent. Once you find this girl, go ahead and tell her that you think she is smart! Trust me; girls want to hear this just as much, if not more, than guys. It lets us know you value our brains just as much as our looks.

I Believe In You

Finding your soulmate is about finding a person who is going to be able to support you in everything you do. When girls hear guys tell them, "I believe in you", they're going to experience a big boost in confidence and they're going to realize that you have the potential to be a supportive and encouraging partner.

I Like Spending Time With You/ You're Fun To Be Around

I don't know why exactly, but girls love to hear guys say they enjoy spending time with them. So, why not try it sometime?

I Like Your Sense Of Humor

Girls generally aren't expected to make jokes as often or be as funny as guys are. Oftentimes I hear girls tell guys, "You're so funny", but I don't often hear guys tell girls this. Being goofy is a big part of some girls' personalities just like it is a big part of some guys' personalities. Girls who have a good sense of humor will appreciate being told so because they don't get praised for this personality trait as frequently as guys do.

I Think You're Talented

Who doesn't want to hear that they are talented? I think this one is fairly self-explanatory. When a girl has her talent verbally affirmed by a guy, she feels validated. It's also a great compliment because it shows the girl you admire her for what she can do as opposed to what she looks like.

I Love How Kind You Are

We can all agree kindness is so important but so lacking in this world. If you're lucky enough to meet a girl with a truly kind heart, make sure you tell her.

You're Great At What You Do

Girls work hard in their careers just like guys do. If you like being told by your significant other that she thinks you're a great teacher, engineer, doctor, etc. after a long day on the job, you can bet she does too. By telling a girl she is good a whatever it is she does best, you're showing her that you think her hard work is worth something.

You're Beautiful

This one is obvious. Maybe it doesn't seem very feminist of me to put this one on here, but I think it deserves to be. In all honestly, physical attraction is important to some degree to most people. So, of course, girls are going to want to hear from their S.O. that he thinks she is attractive!

However, notice how I didn't recommend using the words 'hot', 'sexy', 'thicc', etc when complimenting a girl. When you use words like that you are showing a girl that you think of her more as a sex object rather than someone who should be cherished, protected, valued, and loved.

Thanks For Being A Good Friend

You probably read this one and thought, "But I'm not trying to be in the friend zone!" And yes, I get why you think this doesn't make sense for a guy who's trying to get out of the friend zone to say, but just hear me out.

Friendship is the key to any strong, long-lasting relationship. Do you think the way she looks when she dances is going to keep you guys together fifty years from now? It's not. Good relationships are based on mutual friendship, not just physical attraction. This means that you need to enjoy spending time with this person, feel like you can share your heart with this person, and can count on this person for anything because that is what real friends do.

Because true friendship is the basis of any long-lasting relationship, I don't see anything wrong with a guy telling a girl he appreciates her friendship. I believe most girls will love to hear that a guy thinks they are a good friend. After all, most girls want to be able to say that their husband is their best friend either now or in the future.

Thanks for reading this list of best compliments a girl can receive. Let us know what you think is the best compliment a girl can receive in the comments below.

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