• Emma Eggleston

The Top 25 Gifts $5 And Under For Your Girlfriends

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Have a secret Santa coming up or maybe you just have a lot of friends on your list that you want to give a gift to but you don't want to spend a lot of dough? Here are twenty inexpensive gifts for girls to give to their friends this holiday season.

Juniors Plush Joggers - Pups With Winter Hats

You can order these adorable, festive lounge pants for $5 from the Five Below website or purchase them in local stores where available. This is a perfect gift that will keep your friend warm and cozy all winter long.

Oh Snap! Mug

Target has a fun variety of holiday mugs for $5, but this one is definitely the cutest. You might be able to pick it up at your local Target store or you can order it online here. This is a good gift for someone you might not know super well because after all most people drink at least tea, coffee, or hot chocolate over the holidays if not all three.

Sinful Colors Nail Polish

Target offers a rainbow of nail polish colors by the Sinful Colors brand for only $1.99. So theoretically you could order two bottles and still spend under $5. Click here to see what they currently have in stock online.

Sarcastic Face Mask

For us personally, 2020 would only get half a star and that's only because Taylor Swift pulled out a surprise album. You can order this face mask for one of your sarcastic buddies from Five Below or you might be interested in the others they offer some of which read, "Don't stand so close to me". "No thank you", and "Smile". Each mask has a dual-layer fabric and costs $3.

LED Aux-in Speaker

This high-quality sound speaker is compatible with all major types of phones and mp3 players. Your friend will love the slowly coloring changing lights. The retailer is Five Below and it costs an unsurprising $5.

e.l.f. Bite-Size Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette is available for $3 from Target. The warm colors are perfect for the holiday season and it's 100% vegan and cruelty-free. There is no better gift under $5 for the makeup-loving girl in your life.

Sherpa Throw Blanket

This throw blanket comes in a variety of colors, so if pink is not your color, don't worry. This $5 gift will have your girlfriend wanting to stay snuggled up all winter long.

Patch Beanie With Pom-Pom

Beanies are back in style again and you can order a cute, cozy one in mustard, green, cream, or black for only $5. Hats make great gifts for friends because it's pretty much one size fits all!

Eos Shea Butter Coconut Hand Cream

From the makers of everyone's favorite egg-shaped chapstick of 2012 comes dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic coconut lotion for only $2.99. Unlike some of the products you get at Bath & Body Works, this lotion smells nice but isn't overpowering, and actually moisturizes your skin instead of giving you a rash.

Swiss Miss Lucky Charms Hot Chocolate

Lucky Charms as a hot chocolate? What a better way to feel like a child again at Christmas? An 8-pack of Lucky Charms instant hot chocolate packets costs only $2.19. This would be a great gift to match with a cute mug.

Fun Socks

Target has like a million pairs of fun low-cut socks available for $1.50. Some of my favorites are drop it like a sloth, avocado penguin, and skateboarding turtle. To view the entire selection click here. This gift is perfect because the last time I checked everyone wears socks, so it won't be a throwaway gift.

Wonder Woman Squeeze Water Bottle

This reusable water bottle is perfect for your on-the-go friend. It can hold up to 24. 5 ounces of water and is dishwasher safe. Order it today from Target for $4.99.

Lip Smacker Coke Cup

Lip Smackers may not be the best for actually moisturizing your lips, but they certainly are fun. Who wouldn't love receiving a Coca-Cola cup chapstick for Christmas?

Tech Touch Magic Gloves

These gloves are great for when you have to be outside in the cold, but you still need to occasionally check Instagram or send a quick text message. The best part is they come in twelve different colors and one pair only costs $2.10.

Adult Coloring Book

During this extra stressful period of everyone's life, consider gifting your friend an adult coloring that will help them focus and relax. Five Below offers an array of cool coloring books with different themes ranging from exotic animals to mandalas for $2.25 each.

Spa Expressions Twirly Towel

This may seem like a sort of silly gift, but speaking from personal experience these twirly towels really do help your hair dry a lot faster!

Fabric Headwrap 3-pack

Who doesn't need a few extra headbands? Chose what variety of colors you want and order today for only $2.25.

Travel Pillow

The holidays are a time when people do a lot of driving or flying all over the place. If you have a friend who is always coming and go consider giving them a cute travel pillow.

Framed Dry Erase Board

Whiteboards are so satisfying to write on. Plus, they are great for writing little notes and reminders to yourself. This $5 find is a great gift that your friend can use all year round.

Faux Leather Padded Zipper Journal

I'm not sure why a journal needs a zipper, but it does seem fun. This journal is only $5 and is great for writing down to-do lists or for keeping a diary.

LED Vanity Mirror

This little mirror is what every girl needs for quickly putting on makeup in the morning or even getting contacts in.