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26 Gifs That Will Transport You Back To 2006

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Let's be honest, 2006 was quite the time to be alive. From the premiere of High School Musical to unforgettable toys like the Doodle Bear, 2006 will live on in our memories as an iconic time for pop culture and entertainment. Take a trip down memory lane with us as we look at 26 gifs that will transport you back to 2006!

Troy Bolton Having An Existential Crisis At Basketball Practice

The Nintendo Game Boy Loading

When Patrick Had The Same To-Do List As You Did

Hannah Montana Reassuring Your Self-Worth

This Ridiculously Funny Moment From Jimmy Neutron

Remember The Joy When You Found Dunkaroos In Your Lunch Box

Showing Off Your Ring Pops At Recess

The Doodle Bear Commercial

Hiding These Pointless Toys In Your Pocket At School

When Caillou Just Couldn't Deal

Franklin The Turtle's Great Triumph

Dreaming of Giving the Frosted Flake's Tiger a High-Five

The Fact That This Show Was Still On In 2006

London Tipton's Whole Vibe

This Guy From Blues Clues We Were Worried About

The Blatant False Advertising of Lucky Charms

The Most Coveted Item A Girl Could Have

You When Your Mom Had Her Back Turned

2006 - The Year Justin Timberlake Brought Sexyback

The Monkey From Night At The Museum That We Wanted As A Pet And Gave Us Nightmares

Lunchables Were Cooler Back Then

The Monkey That Was Probably High In Madagascar

Taylor Swift Releases Her First Album & The World Falls In Love

Still Around But Tasted Better 15 Years Ago

When People Told Us They Weren't Into Harry Potter

The Thrill Of A Strike On Wii Sports Bowling

Thanks for taking a trip back in time with us to 2006. It sure was a fun time! Oh, and if you're ever feeling sad remember that Rami Malek looks the same today as he did in 2006- must be that mummy magic!

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Image: https://www.instagram.com/2005kids/

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